Celebrate Occasions with Bubble Entertainment!

Celebrations are enhanced with unforgettable magical moments that will be remembered for many years. Paris Bubbles have been providing those magical experiences for over ten years, making thousands of days extra special!


The playfulness and fun of a soap bubble display at a wedding brings an extra element of joy to your festivities. The bubbles can be used as a unique alternative to traditional confetti for the couple’s exit, or as a decorative element during the ceremony or reception. Colourful, shimmering bubbles can also provide a unique photo opportunity for the wedding party and guests. Additionally, soap bubbles can be used in a performance to entertain your guests in the evening.

Paris Bubbles offers a selection of activities to make your wedding day extra special! From bubbles floating over the bride and groom at the church/registry office to entertainment at the reception for both children and adults. We can keep children entertained for hours, and also offer close up magic style table hopping for adults.


A soap bubbles display can enhance a birthday party by adding visual interest and a playful atmosphere. The colourful and reflective bubbles can create a mesmerizing and entertaining display, especially when they are blown in large quantities. Additionally, it can be interactive and fun for guests of all ages to blow and chase bubbles. This can be a great addition to any birthday party, both indoors and outdoors.

Paris Bubbles have performed at hundreds of birthday parties over the years and we offer incredible bubble activities to make the day extra special and one to remember forever. From the outdoor giant bubble show and workshops to indoor shows and the ‘in-bubble’ experience which is always a particular favourite. Children, and adults, adore the amazing bubble foam, smoke bubbles and bubble sculptures we create.

Eid – Holi – Diwali - Christmas/New Year

A soap bubble display can enhance a religious festival celebration by adding a visually striking and playful element to the event. The colourful and ephemeral nature of soap bubbles can create a sense of wonder and awe, which can be fitting for a religious celebration.

A soap bubble display can enhance Eid/Diwali/Holi celebrations by adding a unique and colourful element to the festive atmosphere. The bubbles can be used to create a mesmerizing display of light and colour as they reflect the light from the candles and lamps commonly used during religious celebrations.

Paris Bubbles make your celebrations stand out from the crowd with our unique blend of animation, interaction and decoration.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations

Add a touch of magic to your festive season celebrations: Soap bubbles can create a whimsical and magical atmosphere, making the Christmas/New Year celebration even more special and memorable.

Soap bubbles create stunning visual effects, especially when illuminated by different coloured lights, making for beautiful and memorable photographs of the event.

Paris Bubbles make your special festivals even more memorable with our tailored bubble shows and displays. We engage with your audience and customise our show according to your event and theme.