Festivals with Bubbles

Festivals with Bubbles

Having a Promotion Day?  Bubbles Make it Special!

What a great show!  Everyone loved the bubbles!  

festivals with bubbles

Children love bubbles!  Adults love bubbles!  We add the magic of bubbles to any event. Why not take a look at the examples in our Gallery here.

Bubbles float high above your event, making the most of the air space, advertising your presence in the community and entertaining the people that come along to support it.

Crafting a Party Atmosphere with Bubble Tricks and Effects!

Brilliant bubble displays at summer fairs, festivals, fetes, bank holiday events, Jubilee party bubbles, Council events, at the Mayors Ball, Draw a crowd at open days, petting zoos, car rallies, the bubbles make it extra special and draw a crowd of interested observers who then will circulate among the stalls.

We can tailor elements of our fantastic bubble stage show for you, provide a magical bubble display indoors or out, or go walkabout amongst the crowd crafting individual bubble tricks, to add to the atmosphere. 

Prices vary according to distance,+ and elements of the type of show required - please contact us here to enquire for details.