School Shows with Bubbles

School Shows with Bubbles

School Shows Suitable for ages 5+


Getting all our kids physically inside a bubble was such great fun - an amazing experience!  The children learned a lot about Physics, too!


Bubble Magic for Schools / SEND

A glorious, shiny burst of rainbow Bubbles with a little bit of Science too!

Bubbles create fun and laughter for any age! All children adore bubbles and our shows are inclusive for all school aged kids of differing needs and abilities.  Children of all ages and mobilities can enjoy bubbles, and our flexible elements combine to make a varied and thoroughly entertaining few hours for your school Science day, fete, or open day.

Mr Bubbles treats your children to a bubble experience like no other! Bubbles bring an inclusive, joyful mood to any day.  Everyone gets involved in bubbly fun, everyone gets to feel bubbles, chase bubbles, catch and pop bubbles! 

Bubble entertainment is so versatile; this can be individual attention with one child or a giant outdoor bubble fest for many children!  There are quiet sensory experiences with bubble activities for singles, small numbers, wheelchair users for example, or major bubbly outdoor fun and rapturous excitement for the whole class!

Reward your kids with bubble packages!

When it comes to Bubble Events for kids Mr Bubbles has a great many detailed packages for schools.  Mr Bubbles makes a lesson ultra bubbly and special for any kind of children’s entertainment and with a little bit of Science thrown in, they are laughing and learning, too!  And when they get home, they certainly know a lot more about soapy chemistry!

What Paris Bubbles offers to schools:

You can choose to have a mix of any of the below:   

      • Giant outdoor soap bubble display (with or without bubble science content)
      • Giant bubbles, long bubble tubes, hundreds of smaller bubbles to pop, foam and smoke bubbles - From 30 minutes to one hour per session. Suitable for all ages.
      • Bubble making Workshops
      • How to blow a bubble (indoors) 45-60 minutes 30 children max
      • How to make giant bubbles (outdoors) 45-60 minutes 30 children max
      • How to make bubbles with your hands (indoors) 45-60 minutes 20 children max
      • KIB (kid in a bubble) – Putting everyone inside a soap bubble (indoors) plus soap bubble sculpture (cube, carousel, chain etc.) – Approximately 60 children per hour. Suitable for all ages.

Please contact us here to enquire for specific prices for our Bubble Shows for schools.  These vary according to the distance travelled, and the size of the show required, as well as other factors.