Variety Show

Variety Show

Paris Bubbles High-Energy Variety Shows are Unique!

A Paris Bubbles Variety Show is totally enthralling for a theatre audience in a number of ways:

Diversity of acts: A variety show typically features a diverse range of acts, such as music, comedy, dance, magic, and acrobatics, which can keep the audience laughing and engaged throughout the performance.

Our variety shows feature unexpected and unique novelty acts that you may never have seen before!  We are continually adding to our repertoire and so no two shows are alike.

Our variety shows involve plenty of audience participation, laughter and humour with amazing effects created by our skilled Bubbleologists who are consummate entertainers from start to finish!

High energy and fast-paced bubble tricks and entertainment will keep every eye on the show as we move swiftly from one amazing visual effect to the next, with bubbles large and small, smoke, steam and jokes along the way from our team of expert presenters.

Nostalgia: Our variety shows can also evoke a sense of nostalgia for the audience, particularly for those who remember the Golden Age of variety shows on TV when good family entertainment was at its height on a Saturday night.

Paris Bubbles offer a well-produced and well-executed variety show offering a diverse, exciting and engaging bubble entertainment experience for the theatre audience, which appeals to a wide range of ages, interests and tastes.  Contact us here to talk about what we can offer you!