Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment


With the streams of bubbles floating by, our wedding photographs were absolutely gorgeous!

Wedding entertainment

Something completely different!  Wedding Bubbles!

Unique live Bubble entertainment at weddings adds the magic of a shower of bubbles on your day to remember! 

Whether it is providing a dramatic and breathtaking twist to the ceremony itself, a fantastic bubbly photo or keeping children and guests amused either outside or indoors, with an exciting show, to fill a space in the bubble entertainment makes your day and the memories ultra special!

Or while the band plays at the Reception, bubbles add an extra air of romance and fun to the dancefloor, and will have your guests enthralled at your wedding, whilst keeping kids amused and out of trouble when you need them to be.

Wedding Shows With Bubbles go with a Pop!

  • romance with bubbles in wedding photos
  • background bubbles
  • couple in bubble,
  • making bubbles activity for guests
  • giant bubble show entertainment
  • soap bubble magic sculptures
  • and theatre routines condensed from our stage show in miniature
  • giant outdoor bubble workshop, as part of reception and out of hours party. 

Bubbles for Weddings incorporate many factor and prices vary widely according to the distance travelled, as well as other factors.  Please contact us to discuss what you would like to see at your wedding, and we can come up with an individually crafted package of bubble magic for your wedding.

Contact us here for a tailored quote.